This unique global yacht charter event gathers all relevant fleet operators of the world, hundreds of charter brokers, travel agents and many of the most relevant suppliers of goods and services important to the charter industry.


The first B2B yacht charter magazine brings interviews, trends and interesting topics of the industry. Once a year, distributed on all charter-related boat shows.


The first digital platform to provide one-stop shopping for fleet operators; purchasing a new yacht and finding financing was never so easy.

Charter Masterclass

An addition to the conferences held on ICE in 2016 and 2019, the masterclass is a specialized marketing seminar for Croatian fleet operators.

Mediterranean Corner

As part of the United States Sailboat Show in Annapolis, this is the largest organized representation of Mediterranean charter companies in the US.


A digital matchmaking platform; developed and used by ICE. Applied to multiple boat shows around the world it becomes a powerful networking tool.

Charter Meetup

This conference is the central event for the Greek yacht charter community; with over 1.200 meetings in two days it is a must for the major fleet operators. 

More coming soon...

– Vision –

With the growth of the worldwide charter fleet new challenges will arise; marketing and sales will have to keep up. The opening of new markets will be crucial. The charter product will have to evolve and adapt.

Our vision is to lead the way; to bring people together – digitally and in real space and time. Our task is to determine the needs and the faults of the industry, to inform the community so it can act together towards a common goal.

Our vision is prosperous and sustainable business for all.

– Mission –

The Group is run by a young team running several projects. It is a new generation of thinkers, a new breed of doers. Our Group’s primary mission is to serve the yacht charter industry by promoting it, improving it and challenging it.

We connect the industry into a community, we facilitate the interchange of ideas, know-how and technology.

We aim to optimize the growth of yacht charter and help it onto its path of growth and prosperity.

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