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Charter Regatta in Šibenik

Did you know that nearly 30 million people chose Greece as their holiday destination? The yacht charter industry greatly reflects this high demand, with Greece being the second most popular sailing destination according to Google.
With Charter Regatta, discover new business opportunities and the jewels of Šibenik!

Charter Regatta is Yachtmaster Group’s newest B2B event in Croatia where Croatian Fleet Operators and International Brokers will show off their sailing skills while networking.

From 10th – 12th of April, 2024, Šibenik will not only be a cultural centre, but also a B2B Yacht Charter centre. The Charter Regatta isn’t just about sailing; it’s a voyage into collaborative success.

Šibenik, a beautiful coastal town has a rich history, stunning surroundings and a welcoming attitude. Set against a backdrop of turquoise seas and historic architecture, it provides an exclusive setting for business-to-business (B2B) meetings where real connections can be made. Leave a lasting impression and build partnerships by sailing the Adriatic with industry leaders.

The Šibenik Archipelago is a captivating environment of over 240 islands scattered across the crystal clear Adriatic Sea. Each island tells a story of ancient history, with the remains of medieval towns, charming fishing villages and sun-drenched landscapes beckoning travellers seeking an authentic Mediterranean experience. The regatta serves as a gateway to discover the region’s hidden gems.

The regatta is also a great opportunity for team-building activities, giving colleagues the chance to bond over the beauty of the Dalmatian coast. Šibenik’s warm hospitality, combined with the thrill of regatta sailing, promotes teamwork and unity.

Charter Regatta is more than just an event. It is a journey to the heart of Dalmatia’s nautical beauty, where business and pleasure merge effortlessly. Join us in Šibenik for an unforgettable regatta experience that will impact both your professional and personal life.

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