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Charter Meetup 2022 - promo week greece
Grab your Promo Sailing Week
Sailing in Greece? Sounds amazing! As a Broker you can choose a sailing boat or catamaran from a Greek Fleet Operators and sail the beautiful Greek seas for FREE for one whole week!
How to charter a boat in Greece for free?
At Charter Meetup, fleet operators are giving a promo week for the personal use of international charter brokers. Promo week is from the 26th of April (After the end of Charter Meetup 2020) until Saturday 2nd of May 2020.
Things not to do when you sail Thailand
Sailing the Andaman Sea equals a real adventure because of so many reasons. First of all, Asia is different, like every continent is, and than the Andaman Sea isn’t like the others, even though it is in fact a stretch of water like the others.