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Charter Regatta

Did you know that nearly 30 million people chose Greece as their holiday destination? The yacht charter industry greatly reflects this high demand, with Greece being the second most popular sailing destination according to Google.
Most exciting regatta of them all!

Charter Regatta is Yachtmaster Group’s newest B2B event in Croatia where Croatian Fleet Operators and International Brokers will show off their sailing skills while networking.

From 19th to 21st of April, 2024, Šibenik will be vibrant with participants from the first Charter Regatta in Croatia. This special business add-on to the most effective networking event will make Šibenik the place to be in April this year.

Charter Regatta will be a fun and unforgettable experience. There is no better way for charters to present themselves to Brokers.


Croatian Fleet Operators will showcase their finest sailboat and most skilled sailor. Sailboats from more than 20 charters will be docked next to one another so brokers can evaluate how they are maintained, compare them, learn how their teams communicate with their clients, and get to know the people from the charter company more closely.

Brokers will be accommodated on the best charter boats.
Brokers, it is time to walk in your client’s shoes and experience the entire boat charter process with fantastic companies that can’t wait to show you their boats!

To end the Charter Regatta with a bang, brokers can use the promo sailing week to explore the Croatian coast and in full sight experience the charter’s sailboats for a few days after the Charter Regatta is over.

Through the fun presentation of the charter companies on Friday evening, as well as socializing and partying on the other days, you would network with all other participating charter companies, not just the one on whose sailboat you would be staying on.

Charter Regatta showcases Croatian Charters presenting their fleet to Brokers. The three-day period involves hosting them on sailing boats, creating a unique and exciting environment for presentations and firsthand experiences. What better way to compete against other charters, and introduce yourself to your business network.

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