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Grab your Promo Sailing Week

Sailing in Greece? Sounds amazing! As a Broker you can choose a sailing boat or catamaran from a Greek Fleet Operators and sail the beautiful Greek seas for FREE for one whole week!

Sailing in Greece? Sounds amazing!

If you are still not familiar with the unique opportunity to get a Promo Sailing Week in Greece as part of the Charter Meetup, then you better read this.

Promo sailing week is one of the best parts of the “Broker Package” where Brokers are offered a free boat for sailing from the Greek Fleet Operators. After participants are done with business meetings, they get an opportunity to sail for free for one week with a sailing boat or catamaran (from the registered Fleet Operator). This way Brokers get to experience boats first hand, which is the perfect way for the Fleet Operators to show the best of their services and boost their business opportunities. On the other hand, Brokers get to try the service and source their clients into that specific Fleet Operator. In the end, it is a win-win situation for both parties.

To put this into a more modern vocabulary, Brokers also operate as influencers who are promoting the given and experienced service of one fleet operator to their clients. This investment of Fleet Operators helps Brokers to get to know the products that they will offer, which can lead to more proficient marketing strategies. Agents are welcome to come with their families, business partners, or teams and enjoy together the beauty of sailing in Greece. One boat per Broker – so you get the boat to yourself!

Some of the boats that will be offered by Fleet Operators this year are:

  • Sun Odyssey 449 (2018), Lagoon 42 (2020), Sun Odyssey 519 (2016), Dufour 530 (2021) in Alimos Marina.
  • Hanse 458 (2020), Oceanis 51.1 (2019), Olympic Marine in Lavrion.
  • Elba 45 (2020) in Preveza Marina
  • Oceanis 46.1 (2019) in Patras

Note that only boats are free, other expenses (skipper, cleaning fees etc.) are not included.


White Sails advised us the route and other useful things for our promo week in 2019.
We had their catamaran Stardust Lagoon 380.
The trip was perfect. I am really appreciative of White Sails for this promo sailing week.

Vytautas, Travel Boat



Charter Meetup 2022 - promo week

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