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The best way for B2B advertising in the yacht charter

We asked fleet operators from all around the world what is the current situation in yacht charter, how they manage to operate the business, and what is crucial for getting out of the crisis.
Find out the best way to reach new global business partners during Covid-19

Reaching new, current, and old business partners is very important, especially with 2020 behind us. We all need to start working again and every business connection is crucial. The charter industry has been strongly affected by this crisis and it is time to get the ball rolling again, get new bookings, and reach new clients. Businesses need to reach new businesses to expand their network. Everyone wants to start to getting back to the ‘old normal’.

We are sure that you have tried various ways to reach new clients and partners, with social media, e-mailing, online meetings, phone calls etc. but they were not very effective as everyone has slowed down with their business activities.

What about reaching partners through advertisement in a B2B magazine which is distributed to hundreds of yacht charter businesses? Why is it effective? Have a read below why advertising in Icebreaker B2B magazine today is more effective than ever!

Icebreaker is the only international B2B magazine that is usually distributed at international boat shows in Dusseldorf, Paris, Cannes, Tulln, Vienna, etc. All relevant business exhibitors and visitors get copies of the magazine each morning. However, since boat shows were canceled, Icebreaker will be sent via post mail to 1500 businesses worldwide this year.

Icebreaker 2019

Why B2B advertisement is important for your company?

Imagine being home or in your office, and you get a magazine at your doorstep, filled with interesting interviews and topics relevant to what is happening today. In between those articles, you see several advertisements of businesses which could help you in this time of need – advertisements of fleet operators who are looking for new clients, brokers and agencies who want to offer new destinations, suppliers showing off their new products and services, and shipyards presenting their newest catamarans and sailboats.

You also need a break from your laptop for sure. Rest your eyes from all the screens (mobile, tablet, laptop) and read something physical like we used to many years ago. When everything is going digital, Icebreaker is still staying physical. Isn’t it nice to list through a magazine when you are drinking your morning coffee?

There is also no other affordable way for you to reach your targeted B2B audience which will for sure read the magazine and see your advertisement. Advertising is a traditional way to reach a mass audience, but at this point in time, Icebreaker is the only B2B magazine in our industry that truly reaches relevant businesses. It is a lot more effective and your ROI is higher than usual. Your advertisement, editorial, or information will reach the businesses you need it to reach.

The Icebreaker preparation is in its final stages, it is being published end of January 2021, and will be sent out in February 2021.
If you would like to invest part of your marketing budget in something cost-effective, consider the Icebreaker.

Note that if boat shows do start to happen again, we will do our best to distribute them physically as well.

To find out more about advertising and getting the Last Minute Advertising Discount which is valid until January 22, please e-mail:

List through last year’s Icebreaker Magazine here.

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