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Communication tips for Yacht Charters

Yacht Charters - what are you going to say to your customers? Let’s consider a few tips that will help you navigate these murky waters.

Yacht charters obviously can’t manage the 2020 season as usual. However, that doesn’t mean that all activities should stop. Your customers still want you to be there. They want to hear from you.

So… what are you going to say? Will you sell and promote or will you communicate and connect with your audience? Let’s consider a few tips that will help you navigate these new, murky waters.

Communication tips for Yacht Charters


Start with your employees

Every employee, especially those who work in the sales team, has an impact on your customers. Because of employees’ direct or indirect communication, customers can form a certain opinion about your company.

If your employees do not believe that your company can guarantee a safe option for the vacation, your customers will have the same opinion. However, if you manage to encourage and motivate your employees providing them facts, not stories – they will be your best brand ambassadors.


Be helpful

Your communication strategy needs to be sensitive to the global crisis. This is the principle of public relations. You should ask yourself how does coronavirus affect my customers? Have the customer’s priorities changed? Do I need to adapt my product/service? The interests of your customers are going to change during this time. Some of them are afraid, some of them are not. Go online and monitor their interests, questions, and needs so that you can provide forehand answers.


Promote Empathetically
  • Share specific tips for your partners, suppliers, and customers during this difficult period.
  • Connect to all of your stakeholders.
  • Don´t post your regular content, promoting new boat models, and perfect vacation. Your customers can Google. They know all the important information about virus updates. If you think that your country is the safest option for the vacation – think from the customer’s perspective.
  • Be informed and deliver top quality content.
  • Be the first source of information and don’t lie.

Use this crisis to get the most valuable customers. Keep engaging your audience sympathetically, without promotional communication and discounts. If you do that, you will have a base of loyal returning customers. Also, think long-term. In most cases, short-term moves turn out to be the wrong choice.

We believe that when this situation gets under control, the demand for chartering a yacht will become the same if not even better than it was before the crisis.
– Panouseris Yacht Charters


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