Tino Prosenik

Things not to do when you sail Thailand

Sailing the Andaman Sea equals a real adventure because of so many reasons. First of all, Asia is different, like every continent is, and than the Andaman Sea isn’t like the others, even though it is in fact a stretch of water like the others.

Sail Thailand – explore, adventure & relaxation

Sailing is about exploring places that can only be reached by this amazing invention, called boat! Just name a location, book one boat and enjoy fantastic experiences. Before we started this website, we made sure to visit some of the most beautiful islands so that following our stories you would be able to create your own.

How to pack for a sailing holiday?

How to pack for a sailing holiday will be the next question on your list, after you booked the boat! Can be a sailing boat, catamaran or motorboat, any one of those is a good choice. Here we go!

5 things you didn’t know about sailing

The endless sea, clear blue sky and a nice boat, all of its sounds so wonderful that for some, may even raise the Q: Why is it such a big deal? Well… It is a big deal, and these 5 things about sailing that you didn’t know, is just a preview of what’s all about!